About ME

I've been a freelance graphic designer in Atlanta for the last 22 years, working primarily with National Geographic and National Geographic Kids, designing illustrated, high end books from concept to print. I've created over 85 books in my career, working closely with editorial, mapping, and production staffs to make sure my books are beautiful, easy to read, and problem-free on press. All design work is done in InDesign, Illustrator, and PhotoShop.

I've also designed books for Scholastic, Inc., including 3 editions of their 880-page illustrated Children's Dictionary as well as a Magic School Bus ten-book science series.

I love designing CD packaging for musicians too! I enjoy the challenge of coming up with something creative that reflects the personality and music of each performer (usually with little or no budget).

Before getting into book design, my passion was magazines. I learned the ropes at Whittle Communications in Knoxville, Tennessee from 1985–1989, then moved to Atlanta to become the associate art director for Atlanta Magazine, then SouthPoint Magazine, and then Regardie's Magazine in Washington, DC. 

In between magazines and books, I spent 3 years designing annual reports for clients such as Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Flowers Industries, Healthdyne, and Coca-Cola as a senior designer at Critt Graham + Associates in Atlanta. I managed each project from concept to press check, bidding printing, meeting with clients, and art directing illustrators and photo shoots.